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Joy Walker's invitation is awaiting your response

Joy Walker's invitation is awaiting your response

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn

Awww, how the nesting has begun. Building mini crib for new baby

Homemade burgers with Josh and Jack from Boulder

Cowgirl creamery cheese gift pack!!!

Sitting on mamas lap getting drunk off milk with Bea

Queso fundido at Marinitas!

Preparing only the pure necessities for Israel!

Crab night with Aylene, Russ, Jake, Aimee and Katie

Das boot 2 liters of beer at married guys club!

The Nightman Commeth -- high brow theater!!!

Crab night with Katie and Christian

Chicken and Waffles at Gussies -- 9 year anniversary knowing each other celebration


Brunch at mom and dads

Dosa with Jake and Josh

Dog-sitting Slugger. Such a cutie!!!

Enjoying Cafe Altano after hilarious Kathy Griffin show

Dinner with Margot and Charlie

Ending the night with gelato!!!