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Sri Lanka Wrapup:

Sad to say, we had less then 24 hours in this beautiful country, so our impressions are quite limited.  We were quite taken back by how overly friendly and welcoming Sri Lankans were to us -- there was a sense of gratitude for us being in their country, since many of the locals talked about how much tourism has been down lately (b/c of the policitcal unrest).  We met one individual who was shocked to find out we were American's, since he told us how there had been very few people from the US coming into the country, b/c of the US governments warning about the unrest in the country.  There was a heavy military presence in the airport, and throughout the town of Negombo, which made me feel safe in some ways, but also reiterated there was reason to be worried about our safety to a certain extent.  Our main visuals of the country were from the airplane as we were landing -- it looks so lush and gorgeous.  We had the most beautiful sunset on the vast beach in Negombo, which was one of the most beautiful settings we've ever seen.  Both Jason and I regretted our limited time we had in Sri Lanka, but do hope to go back someday when we visit India on another trip.