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Here's a little list of stuff that we've been ..less than responsible... with.  We'd include pictures, but that would be difficult given the nature of this list.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Joy's white jacket that she shlepped around for a month without wearing once.

Syndey, Australia - Joy's camera.  Technically not lost, but the LCD screen got cracked so it's as good as lost.

Melbourne, Australia - Jason's Khatmandu shirt that he spent way too much on.

Port Douglas, Australia - Jason's wallet.  Oops.

Somewhere in Australia - Jason's camera case.

Tokyo, Japan - Joy's Maui Jim sunglasses.  Snapped in half, so as good as lost.

Tokyo, Japan - Joy's Nike hat.  Twice.  We've somehow managed to recover it both times.  Okay, it has now been the third time I've lost the hat - leaving it at a restaurant in Kobe was a sign that I just needed to let go of the darn thing, so it is officially gone now.

Osaka, Japan - Jason's Henkel nail clippers (update- we found them in a random backpack pocket while in Vietnam)

Kobe, Japan - Joys pearl necklace (fake, of course).

Saigon, Vietnam - Joy's brand new red sunglasses case

Phan Thiet, Vietnam - Oil of Olay face moisturizer - we swear we both checked the bathroom and didn't see it.  UPDATE:  We actually found our cheap Oil of Olay - right after we went out and purchased some Shisheido replacement at about ten times the price.

Dubai, UAE - Jason's contact lens case got left in the hotel bathroom.  Had to use empty cream cartons for the next few days until we could replace it.

Jo'berg, S. Africa - Joy's flip flop.  Didn't realize this was gone until we arrived to Cape Town, where we ditched the other flip flop.